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Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) connects your lower jaw to your skull at the temporal bone. If the joint is causing you pain, you may have temporamandibular disorder, or TMD. Symptoms of TMD, especially teeth grinidng, can be problematic and lead to further complications down the line.  If you suspect you may have TMD, call Dr. Johnson’s office and schedule a consultation so that he can properly diagnose and treat your symptoms.

What is TMD?

Don't allow your TMD or teeth grinding to develop into further problems! Call Lake Mills Family Dental office today to correct

any Orthodontic issues you have.

• Pain opening/closing mouth

• Trouble chewing

• Jaw becoming stuck open/shut

• Headaches or ear pain

• Clicking or popping sounds when opening mouth

• Teeth Grinding

What are symptoms of TMD?

If you are someone afflicted with teeth grinding, you

are at risk for damaged enamel, worn down teeth, jaw

pain and irritated gums. To correct teeth grinding, or bruxism, you should consider a night guard. Similar to athletic mouth guards, a nigh guard provides a barrier between your top and bottom teeth while you sleep. We will take an impression of your teeth and have the night guard created by a dental lab for custom fitting to allow for comfort and proper breathing.

The dangers of teeth grinding.

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