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Biopsy - The removal of a tissue sample to determine if it is diseased or to detect oral cancer. If you believe there are lesions in your mouth that require medical attention, they need to be examined by Dr. Keith Johnson immediately.


Frenectomy - A minor surgical procedure that removes a frenulum, a piece of tissue that prevents an organ from moving. In dental cases, a frenulum that is too short or thick will cause problems in speech patterns and tooth misalignment.


Occlusal Adjustment - Corrects the alignment of the bite that is a result of loose, shifting, crowded or missing teeth. This procedure is recommended if you are a patient who grinds or clenches your teeth.


Keep your mouth healthy, beyond brushing.

If you are in need of a Periodontic operation or procedure, trust Lake Mills Family Dental to treat you with care and precision to give you a healthy mouth and hearty smile!

• Laser Therapy

• Biopsy

• Frenectomy

• Occlusal Adjustment

• Periodontal Splinting

Dr. Johnson's office specializes in several procedures

Periodontal Splinting - Teeth become loose because of lost gum tissue, injury, orthodontic treatment or pressure caused by tooth misalignment. Periodontal splinting attaches weak teeth together, turning them into a single unit that is stable and stronger.


Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery - Sculpts the gum line so that it is even and in proportion to the amount of exposed teeth vs. gum, removing excess gum and exposing more of the tooth crown. You only have one chance to make a first impression, get the lasting smile you’ve always wanted!


Periodontal (Gum) disease - A serious infection of the gums that starts out as plaque, then becomes tartar which can lead to Gingivitis. Untreated Gingivitis becomes Periodontitis which can destroy the tissue around your teeth.


Scaling & Root Planing - A non-surgical procedure, performed without anesthesia and by the hygienist, designed to counteract the effects of Gingivitis. Scaling is the removal of dental tartar from the tooth surface while Root planning is the process of smoothening the root surfaces and removing infected tooth structure.

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