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Wisdom Teeth - When a wisdom tooth is impacted, it comes in at an angle and not straight through the gum line, causing pain and potential structural damage. Removal is necessary in many patients.


Extractions - Wisdom teeth and impacted teeth that can potentially cause problems such as infections need to be removed. Extractions can range from a single tooth to removing all four wisdom teeth at once.


Extraction Site Preservation - If additional extractions are required, a dental implant or dental bridge may be needed to maintain shape and strength of the extraction site.

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Oral Pathology - Identifies and treats diseases of the

mouth and maxillofacial region. Oral pathology can

diagnose mouth and throat cancer, mumps, salivary

gland disorders, ulcers, Odontogenic Infection

and more.


Sleep Apnea - Sleep Apnea is a condition in which excess tissue in the throat blocks upper air passages, making sleep difficult. Dr. Johnson can perform a procedure to remove the excess tissue  so that you can sleep correctly.

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